Started getting copies of texting delivered on other phone after upgrading to iOS 7

Recently I updated my iPhone to iOS 7. Now, any communications my partner delivers on her behalf iPhone (which can be nevertheless on iOS 6) in addition to any communications she gets are delivered to me personally. She will not get copies of my communications, unless we especially deliver them to her.

How to avoid getting her communications?

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You’ll want to try looking in Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > You may be gotten by iMessage at. and in addition start conversations that are new .

It appears as if your Apple ID is becoming set to get communications on both (all) products. Make sure just the phones unique cell phone numbers and non-shared current email address for Apple ID/iCloud reports are included for each device.

For future consideration, remember that iCloud/Apple ID accounts are free, and therefore on each unit you log into iCloud services (like mail, calendars, imessage etc) individually through the App shop, therefore in the event that you share a free account for the true purpose of sharing packages (and I also see hardly any other reason to take action) then chances are you should think about utilizing that account fully for App shop usage just, and every have actually an individual iCloud account fully for all the functions, like that you’ll never cross contaminate each others products.

Whenever you setup a brand new iOS device it regrettably wants and AppleID after which utilizes that exact same AppleID to create the iTunes Store up, communications, and iCloud. Although which could make some folks life easier, it causes great confusion for numerous iOS users which use a shared AppleID when it comes to shop, and specific AppleIDs for any other services like iCloud and communications.

Fortunately, while the solution above highlights, you should just go right to the iOS settings for communications for each iOS unit you utilize, and then make sure just your iPhone’s contact number, as well as your personal (unshared together with your Wife) AppleID email is placed in the “can be gotten by iMessage at” setting. In the event that AppleID you share along with your spouse is detailed, pick it and eliminate it through the list.

Quite simply, both you and your spouse need one shared AppleID for signing in to the Apple Store (in order to share apps and music bought), yet the two of you need you possess appleIDs that are personal make use of along with other solutions including the environment for iCloud and iMessages. Note additionally that in your iOS settings, all of those solutions have actually their setting that is own for AppleID is connected with them.

My final advice is always to really have the three AppleIDs created first, then place your entire iOS products and/or Macs in the exact same table and have the iCloud settings, iMessages settings, and iTunes Store settings on every one of the products ensuring that you merely make use of your shared Apple ID when it comes to iTunes shop.

Although this could be confusing, it can be quite flexible once you understand this association between AppleIDs and the different services on iOS and Mac OSX. Truly the only real trouble comes when more that certain person stocks an iPad where you desire to also receive iMessages (you simply need to select that is account will send/receive text in cases like this).

I am hoping this will make these settings a little more clear.

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