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Welcome to Kabalanco S.A.R.L For Clearing & Transport

KABALANCO SARL for clearing and transport is based in Beirut, Lebanon and is a leader in transportation and Logistics services. Kabalanco’s biggest asset is its extremely knowledgeable management, which has keen insight on the inner workings of the Middle East logistics network.
At kabalanco we are able to leverage our knowledge and network efficiently in assisting our client’s global transportation needs and also managing cross-border risk. We are firmly established in this emerging market with transportation support over roads, sea, air and rail enabling imports and exports in the region.

We provide freight forwarding services with various trades between Lebanon and the rest of the world with an emphasis on quality management, customer satisfaction & loyalty
Our Mission
To provide our customers with first class trade facilitation leveraged by our passion for excellent customer service.

Our Values
Our Corporate Values include – emphasis on team work, learning, development, professional growth, honesty and openness in the work place along with innovation, devotion to deliver and to exceed expectations and absolutely always a high regard to business-to-client professionalism.
Here at kabalanco, we understand the value of the long-term relationship with our clients cialis and we believe that through our unrelenting commitment to high service handling and delivery we will prove to you this devotion. Our handling staff has a minimum of 9 years experience in the sector with new and highly motivated and innovative management to lead the way. Our services are all inclusive with any destination and mode of transport; let it be by truck, sea, air or rail.

Customer Support is there 24 / 7 to give you the guidance and security necessary when handling your goods. Every item is given its full due course; nothing is too big or too small to handle.