Muslims discuss their particular bad Muzmatch and Minder a relationship stories

We’ve provided so much horror stories from Tinder where we’re several many of the cringe-worthy fits tend to be trolling you (feeling really six ft . though, have you been currently?).

But there’s a good number of Bad customers over on religious-based apps often.

Muzmatch and Minder are a couple of regarding the greatest ‘halal’ sites for Muslim courtship but much like his or her nonreligious counterparts, there’s countless breaking up the wheat from the chaff.

Several make use of app using intention of finding you to definitely wed but posting the same institution does not cut down on those painfully shameful interactions.

Not anybody from application is also Muslim (some fetishise the club).

There are many successes but they’re no a lot of fun, therefore we provide you with various weirdest, more unconventional and silly feedback from the various systems.

Assume sexual intercourse, hacking, catfishing and all the favorable ideas (with a few screenshots of this uncomfortable talks).


One person ended up being an IT technical and that he wanted to marry me any time we refused your, this individual compromised my own membership so I never ever first got it back.


Because i’m visibly a Muslim, I have the fetish freaks. Nearly all folks would inform me their sexual intercourse fancy. We never asked for they but it really would just come about

Having been most unsuspecting initially, and I also got one guy enquire us to give your pictures of the feet and he would go on forever how the man were going to rub down all of them.

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We met on the web, chatted, exchanged messages and telephone calls, arranging in order to meet. Ten minutes ahead of the appointment, she terminated the conference exclaiming something immediate has come upwards.

So I chosen to meet up with my buddies for lunch. When we arrived at the eatery, she was having dinner party with another man. She noticed me personally but there was no acknowledgement made. We unrivaled her.


One dude penned myself a schedule of precisely what the guy forecast a wife accomplish intimately. They fundamentally believed I had to supply your a blow task for morning meal and love-making low three times one day. The man stated I had to develop to commonly his own needs.

We achieved a person who advised which we are throughout our forties thus wanted to ‘f*ck’.


Most people traded a few information on the internet and were possessing an argument over texting and both concluded it was not attending function.

3 weeks afterwards our very own partners proposed an innured time. We found up-and grabbed around, definitely not realizing we’d contended poorly the app.

We eventually met up and launched planning for our very own wedding. 1 day we introvert local dating had been making reference to our very own ‘bad has on applications’ and uncovered we’d previously unmatched friends.


He held telling me personally about his sexy granny along with his alluring mom. He then proceeded to inquire about pics of me personally using mum. That f*cked me up. He’d say stuff like ‘you can hug my favorite mom while I embrace yours’.


A decade ago I tried a Muslim coordinating webpages. To become regarded as a user there have been some query to respond before you are recognized. Your feedback provided your passion for Islam as a western environmentalist and feminist, which i’d like a husband exactly who truly understood the green traits of this institution.

I got a response a short while after. A rejection. I used to be advised it absolutely was an essential website knowning that I shouldn’t end up being running around.

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There’s one dude Having been speaking with in which he would be distressing because another female he or she enjoyed can’t would you like to wed your.

They said she would be speaking defectively of him so to report her Snapchat accounts. Me personally are nosy, I messaged this model to inquire of about him or her. She stated she met up with him and watched the pattern of their manhood printing [in their trouser] and would ben’t pleased.

The guy finished up delivering undressing pics to the girl to warrant his or her she lamented if you ask me he didn’t meet the dimensions she applied to – astaghfirullah (trying to find forgiveness from Jesus).

All of us came across on Muzmatch and traded messages, next messages and telephone calls and then positioned meet up with. He lived-in Liverpool but resided in birmingham but the man decided to fall.

We had lunch collectively, in which he asked me to protect the balance when he have visited Manchester to find me, thus I managed to do. Later that night I directed him a note saying it wasn’t likely to work-out and wished him all the best.

A Short While eventually, I received an amount inquire via PayPal for ?60. The demand got through the Liverpool chap expressing: ‘Please shell out the price of journey as we will not be suitable.’


I thought he had been nice therefore we changed number. They wished to talk regarding phone but we said I don’t have any privacy.

I ran across your some frustrating and clingy therefore I explained ‘sorry I’m perhaps not providing the effort that you’ll want and so I thought we mustn’t dialogue anymore’ so he goes ‘that’s a first’. I’m pleased to end up being the initial lady to deny afterward you, chap.

Seven days later, this individual demands when we can ‘start again’, declaring he’s removed all women off his own cellphone, (okay?) thus I bring him or her the opportunity.

We send words notes and make sure he understands to transmit some, but he states ‘he’s as well macho’ (for vocals information?)

I’ve got enough in this case thus I obstruct your but then the man adds myself on Snapchat because he couldn’t use the rejection or some emotional sh*t.

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