KABALANCO can offer a real and advanced logistic solution to its customer through combining sea, air and land services. We provide solutions with significant cost and time savings.

We offer the best possible price to move the product along the most economical and fastest route by presenting various bids and then choosing the one that best balances speed, cost, and reliability.


KABALANCO S.A.R.L  prides on its extensive warehousing and storage network. Leverage our flexibility and location for maximum business efficiency.

Flexibility: You can use one of our warehouses to save on shipping fees. The storage can be accommodated on short or long term basis. KABALANCO S.A.R.L  will deliver it to you locally at a fraction of the price of international shipping.

Location: OUR warehouseS is located in the "JNAH" & “ LAYLAKI” area of Beirut,  in the heart of BEIRUT

Cargo Insurance

Upon request  KABALANCO S.A.R.L  will gladly supply you with an appropriate insurance coverage at highly competitive rates.

Customer Brokerage

We provide unprecedented performance in import export formalities, processing under custom control, clearing goods, facilitating communication between the importer & exporter, documentation to governmental agencies, and eventual procedure, which will facilitate the flow of the merchandise

Trading Consultation

The key to success lays in our efficient handling of goods in the world and in our updated knowledge of all related regulation. One of KABALANCO’s dedicated consultants will keep you updated and informed on all new regulations. All information needed regarding international inland airfreight services, distribution, custom brokerage and ocean freight service is provided by our professional and experienced team.

Middle East Regional Land Transportation

KABALANCO  deploys more then 50 trucks in the Middle East Area — ensuring that you get the exact size, type and quantity of equipment you need.

We deal with several efficient forwarding agencies in the “Middle East” in Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE,Qatar,Bahrain, Oman and Yemen.

Trucking services constitute our main activity, and we can offer full door to door services, along with operational supervision. We have extensive experience in the trucking business with a sound knowledge of the way the market operates. We have excellent relations with the authorities in the area, and major clients are well known to us.


Fast and Accurate

Trucks trailers are running weekly to majority of  “Middle East” destinations. Kabalanco  provides Door to Door on time service every time

Break Bulk Equipment

Kabalanco has extensive experience transporting heavy equipment safely and securely around the globe.

Door-to-Door Deliveries

Express Secured Service – KABALANCO S.A.R.L   offers a full door-to-door service including pick ups from the Shipper’s door and deliver to consignees door.


KABALANCO S.A.R.L  provides multiple weekly consolidations to and from many major markets worldwide. Consolidations allow for economical pricing, while maintaining short transit time. Through its vast agent network, KABALANCO S.A.R.L  regularly and efficiently handles various import-export consolidation services.

Speciality Cargo

Kabalanco constantly handles transportation of refrigerated cargo, hazardous material and oversized cargo.  A wide variety of commodities is shipped under refrigeration, including:

Fresh and frozen meats, poultry and seafood

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Dairy products and eggs

Frozen prepared foods

Fresh juices and frozen concentrates

Confectionery products

Live plants and flowers

Chemicals and biological products

Hazardous materials including flammable and non-flammable gases (class 2.1 and 2.2), flammable liquids (class 3), flammable solids (class 4.1), spontaneous combustibles (class 4.2), poisons (class 6.1), corrosives (class 8), and miscellaneous dangerous substances (class 9).


KABALANCO S.A.R.L  makes sure to inspect and calculate the volume and provide the most suitable solution for any kind of packaging. Besides packing, loading, unloading, and the labeling of goods, we are also able to provide packing material at request. Our priority is for the products to be loaded in ideal conditions and in the right manner.

Comprehensive Service

Kabalanco is able to offer logistics services combining road transport, marine-air transport, custom clearance and warehouse services. Kabalan is a one stop shop for all tranportation related services. We offer promotional opportunities with the most competitive quotation. Some of our options include

FTL: Full Truck Load

LTL: Less Than Truck load  for customers who need a portion of a truck load or less container load.

KABALANCO S.A.R.L  offers regularly scheduled services for the transportation of ocean freight:

FCL: Full Container Load offering very competitive prices and combined complete Port/Geographic Coverage.

LCL: Less Container Load that is ideal for customers that want to ship quantities that do not require a complete container.